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Warm GREETING in my art shop and thank you for looking around! :)

I hope you will enjoy your visit, and please feel free to come back in the future, I try to offer always something new.

My art is truly emotional. All paintings you see are created with subliminal impressions mainly from nature that provide some organic character to the pictures. Colors are determined beforehand but all other aspects come to life as the brush dances on the canvas.



I offer original artworks as well as limited edition prints (identical to the original painting) and reprints (that may vary in all dimensions therefore may serve custom orders).

I. Original paintings:

The original paintings are created by applying different techniques:

1. The oil and acryl paintings are created on mounted or stretched canvas, on textile in some cases; framed without glass, or braced on wedged stretchers.

2. Bronze or silver, water based metal ink paintings appear on a decoration board or on a paper sheet with shiny black surface, framed with glass.

3. Textile paintings are prepared by applying a unique inverse tenchnique – based on my own development – are created mostly on plush, where the colours of the paintings vary according to the colour of the base material. These paintings are braced on wedged stretchers that can be completed by framing on demand.

Both prints and reprints of each of the original paintings are available, prepared by using different techniques presented below:

II. Prints:

Prints are fully identical with the original paintings, they are same size photos of the original paintings printed on canvas, braced on wedged stretchers. Of each of the original paintings maximum 100 numbered and cataloged prints are prepared. On the back of each print an original signature and a certification label can be found.

III. Reprints:

Reprints are created by digital afterworks executed on the photos of the original paintings. They often hardly resemble to their original counterparts. Reprints are completely new artworks that may vary in their colours, sizes and moods. Creating reprints allows a lot of freedom for customisation, as the new artwork can differ from the original painting in all characteristics. Therefore, reprints offer the most opportunities for implementing individual ideas, ensuring the best fit to the customer’s specific needs.

Each reprint is a unique artwork.

All of the original paintings, prints and reprints are ready to hang.

Both original paintings and reprints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. In case of the prints a numbered certificate will be signed and attached.